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Soul Photographer

Soulful Portraits and Reiki Sessions

The Empowered Woman: Welcome
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Soulful Portraits

Capture your True Beauty

Empowering photo sessions for woman of all ages.  Feel the love for who you are and let me create a collection of natural images that reflects your true beauty.
I am also open to working with businesses and brands to create unique soulful images with depth and Love. 

The Empowered Woman: About
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The Empowered Woman Collection

Soulful Portrait and Reiki Sessions

I have combined my passions to give women a deeply beautiful and empowering offering of:

  • 1hr Reiki session at the Rose and Crown Clinic

  • Soulful Portrait session at a North Devon location

Not only will you feel relaxed and uplifted, we will create a gallery of magical images that reflect your true beauty.  These images are yours to download and keep as a reminder of your strength, beauty and empowerment. 

You don't have to be confident in front of the camera, my natural portrait sessions are designed to be 'non-posey' and will capture the real essence of you.

Empower yourself or book for your sister, girlfriend, wife, mother, grandmother or friends. 

If you'd like to find out more about the Reiki sessions I offer at the Rose and Crown Clinic, you can visit my pop-up site:

The Empowered Woman: The Empowered Woman
The Empowered Woman: Pro Gallery
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