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  • Charlotte Parker

Magical Robins at Rosemoor, Devon

The most wonderful thing happened to my daughter and I today. We visited RHS Rosemoor and after the usual pirate adventures in the play area, we went to explore Repunzels Tower (aka Palmers Gazebo)

As soon as I walked up the steps and into this look out room I felt a really strong, loving energy. There is a beautiful empty fireplace which was unexpected and it was so peaceful and quiet. All I could think was how amazing it would be to hold my Soulful sessions here. The light through the windows was clear and energising. I could have sat in there all day but my 4 Yr old had other ideas!

The thing is, that after that beautiful energy experience, Robins kept appearing in front of us.

I haven't used zoom on these pics, they let us get this close, just watching and chirping every now and then. At one point I thought it would hop into my hand...

We walked on and sat down in a summer house further down the path and another Robin flew in next to us (unless it was the same one following us around!) These wise birds were so friendly and they were every where we went. In trees, on bench and paths.

Just before we left to go home, my daughter wanted to sit in the swingy bench. The sun shone down on us and the Mother Earth Energy was so strong as the wind blew past, I closed my eyes to take a breath and when I opened them two Robins had landed next to us, hopping around us. This was such a special day I've never been so close to so many Robins in one day.

It felt magical.

When I got home I looked up the spiritual meaning for a Robin and they symbolise 'new growth and renewal in many areas of your life' and to 'ride the winds of passion within your heart' (

I think I've found my spirit animal! 💖🙏😊






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