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Withypool Stone Circle

My second trip out to find the stone circles of Exmoor, this time the circle located on top of Withypool Hill.

(The other one was Porlock Stone Circle which you can see on my previous post.)

Withypool Stone Circle is much easier to find and easy to walk to even with a 4yr old in tow.

Really beautiful setting and views. The stone circle is on the south side of the hill surrounded by a gorse hedge to protect the edges.

The stones are small and some you only spot as you walk around the circle but it still feels magical. At the top of the hill is a grassy mound with a stone pile and paths that lead in all directions, all paths lead here it seems.

There is a memorial stone laid at the base of the stones and standing at the top of the hill, beautiful, wild views 360°,open to the elements, is a really special place to come and remember someone close to you.

The discovery was lovely and gets me feeling ideas for meditations and Soul Portraits

And to top it off, Mother Earth blessed us with rays of sunshine, which I felt so strongly in my heart 💖

For more information about beautiful locations for family photo shoots go to my page

Or follow the previous link to my Soul Photography and Reiki site for Mother Earth Energy work.







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